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Oyobi takes audiences on polyrhythmic musical journeys using electronic machines, analog synths, and live instrumentation. Their music is primal, raw, and prone to improvisation, with an unflinching streak of bending and breaking typical genre barriers. 

Their sound is crafted by their three main protagonists- Vincent Sebastian (machines, percussion),  Adam Ventoura (bass), and Planeface (synths)- who together aim for transcendent dance floor experiences. 

Their debut 'Translations' EP (Imagenes Records UK 2019) combined elements of house, jazz, latin, and broken beat with deep spiritual undertones. It featured Mexican/Brasilian vocalist QVLN. It was hailed  a "fantastic marriage of an electronic reverence to the sound and rhythm of the ancestors" by iconic producer and label boss Osunlade (Yoruba Records) with further support from renowned artist Oveous (Moca Arts) . It reached number #1 on the Traxsource charts and was featured in the best of 2019 chart. 


Their debut album “Transcendence” was released on London's Atjazz Record Company and labelled “Stunning” by Laurent Garnier. The EP included a host of collaborations from talented artists QVLN, Malo Malo, Aykho, and Maite Inae, and remixes from Rosario and Nicole Tania. The title track was an instrumental percussive house tune that reached for ever transcendent levels of etherial texture. It reached number #1 on the Traxsource global charts, and songs from the album were also included on the iconic compilation ‘Late Night Tales’ and featured on Bandcamp Weekly. The music video depicts a boy undergoing a rite of passage, which eludes to the spiritual influences of Oyobi's music, both of their Latin American cultural roots, its rhythms and rituals, and the groups focus on creating transformative collective experiences during live performances. 










Since then Oyobi have supported Grammy winners “Los Amigos Invisibles” and have released further music and remixes on international labels Ocha Records (USA), United Records (HK), and locally with Groovescooter Records (Aus). Their music has also been remixed by renowned DJs Hallex M (HK) , Atjazz (UK) , Coflo (USA), and Aroop Roy (UK). While, their 2020 cover of Jean Carne's 1980’s classic "Don't let it go to your head" featuring Karen Lee Andrews was praised by Jean Carne herself, applauding the distinct approach that Oyobi developed. 

In 2022, Oyobi released a single "Make me believe in you" featuring Australian singer Karen Lee Andrews on major label Defected Records after being recruited by tastemaker/ DJ Melvo Baptiste for a version of the 1970’s classic. Since then, Oyobi has participated on the international stage with exciting  collaborations with international artists Barrio Lindo (Berlin)  and Selomi (South Africa), and locally with Cosmos Midnight, Amaru Tribe,  and Milan. In 2023, Oyobi appeared on the remix compilation 'Quemando' by Oveous & Qvln,  alongside Atjazz, Nickodemus, Ezel, and Mike Steva. 

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